Emony D'Anastasis

Emony Louise D'Anastasis (born Y.L. 1233) is a Kulturian businesswoman. She serves as ruling matriarch of the D'Anastasis Trading Company. She is the first woman to head a major trading house in Kulturia.


D’Anastasis was born in Lucara City to Veran D’Anastasis, a trade magnate, and Louise D’Anastasis (née Gorwold), a portrait and abstract artist. She studied mathematics and history from private tutors and learned business by following her father on his frequent trips across the continent. At age 12, Emony was sent to Apex City to work as an assistant to Aola Diotla, the D’Anastasis Trading Company’s chief of operations in Eastern Kulturia. While there she took many shifts of work in every level of the company’s daily operations: mining, logging, bookkeeping, and even sales.

D’Anastasis is a well-known patron of the arts within Apex City, donating large sums to dancers, painters, and playwrights of the city that she feels show promise for the future development of Apex culture.

D’Anastasis is currently involved with socialite and ertwhile sculptor Audrid Delacroix. Delacroix was a recipient of Emony’s patronage before the two became lovers.

Emony D'Anastasis

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