The No-Sun

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The Ruins of Kawasacho, Part 1

Our heroes descended from the fabled lost Library of Eurion in the mountains of Cheland, now possessing the terrible knowledge of the Dark Shards’ origins. The shards, fragments of the ancient and terrible No-Sun artifact, are being sought by the League of the Silent for some nefarious purpose even The Twelve cannot discern.

On the climb down the southern slopes of the mountains towards the great fungal forests below, the party encounters a group of eladrin warriors patching up their wounded. Retlon helps tend to the hurt high elves as Nikki converses with their leader. It is revealed that the group is a lost patrol affiliated with the eladrin Myoritaki Clan. Myoritaki was once a powerful nation among the towering mushrooms and creeping fens of southern Cheland. They have been locked in a losing war with marauding lizardfolk for centuries. The patrol had themselves just retreated hours before from an engagement with a lizardfolk warband that went badly for the high elves. In exchange for their help with their wounded, the patrol leader gives the party a letter of introduction and directions to the camp of Lord Minato, current leader of the Myoritaki Clan.

Upon arrival at the Myroitaki camp, the young Lord Minato (barely 100 years of age) welcomes the adventurers as guests. The party informs Lord Minato that they are looking for a magical item fabled to be somewhere within the fungale forest. Despite his elder advisors distrust of outsiders, Minato confides in the party that he could use their assistance: with his forces spread thin throughout the northern reaches of the fungal forest, he is without a ready force to resolve what is a matter of honor for his clan and family name. The ruins ancient city of Kawasacho, capital of the once-great Myoritaki nation, were flooded by Lord Minato’s grandfather rather than let the city fall to rapacious lizardfolk assault. For the last two hundred years, the eladrin have held the site as a sacred and forbidden site, hallowed by the sacrifices of the dead.

In recent years, however, the shallow lake over the ruins of Kawasacho has become home to an increasing number of lizardfolk settlers. Naturally, this state of affairs is an affront on the honor of the Myoritaki Clan. With elves’ combat prowess and arcane might continually outmatched by seemingly endless numbers of brutal and tenacious lizardfolk, though, their forces have been pushed into a constant defensive battle. Lord Minato proposes a trade of services: the adventurers cleanse the ruins of Kawasacho of the lizardfolk menace, and in return he will put two of his elite scouts at the party’s disposal to assist with locating the object of their search. After some deliberation, the party agrees to the terms and heads southwest towards the former site of Kawasacho.

Upon arrival at Kawasacho, Nikki scouts the lake and discovers several isolated lizardfolk settlements. The party creates a diversion, with Rathek summoning his firebird hatchling Plume and directing it to set the northernmost lizardfolk hut aflame while the party assaults another settlement. The gambit works, but not quite as they planned: an alarm is raised from some half-sunken buildings in the center of the lake, and a young black dragon with a gnomish rider appear from a large building in the center. They fly out to investigate the ruckus as the heroes dispatch a half-dozen surprised lizardfolk as they gawk at conflagration. The party steals a primative reed boat and, as night falls upon the lake, stealthily paddle towards the buildings at the lake’s center.

At the center of the lake, the heroes scout the partially submerged buildings. The largest complex is surrounded by a makeshift boardwalk to which they moor their boat. Scouting the area, Nikki and Gamma find the largest building patrolled by a pair of ogres. An impressive display of speed and stealth by Nikki reveals that there are four more ogres atop the roof of the building, asleep upon gravel “beds.” A second, smaller building is connected to the first by floating bridge, and the party uses this building to stay out of sight of the ogre patrols.

Nikki attempts to distract an ogre with a thrown coin tied to a rope, but misses her throw and the 25 gp coin splashes into the water. The ogre does in fact come over to investigate, but does not notice the party. He does, however, knock on the walls of the smaller building, arousing something within to splash around. Grunting, the ogre walks away and resumes his patrol.

The party is now curious about the contents of the smaller building, and easily obtaining entrance discovers a submerged razorbeast. The razorbeast notices the party, breaches the surface, and emits a loud, chittering roar that shatters the relative quiet of night upon the lake…


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